Here’s a few helpful tips around the kitchen from Cathy Mitchell…

Flipping hashbrowns: slide potatoes onto a plate, then flip back into the pan from the plate

Too much fat in your ground beef:  try removing excess oil by moving cooking meat to one side of pan and using a waded up paper towel held by tongs to soak up the excess.

Save time with seasonings:  premix salt (4 TBS), garlic powder (2 TBS), onion powder (1 TBS), pepper (1 TBS), celery salt (1TBS) and parsley (1 TBS).  Mix in a jar by shaking, then store in the jar (or shaker) for future use.

When steaming vegetables in your Red Copper Square Pan,  add an aromatic to the liquid – say a lemon slice or peppercorns – to add some extra zest to the veges!

Do not use extra virgin olive oil or aerosol cooking sprays. They cannot withstand high heating and will leave a thin carbonized layer on the non-stick surface of your pan.

Use the pans on low to medium heat for most cooking.  The Red Copper non-stick coating distributes the heat more effectively and evenly.